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Brandy belly
This picture shows us the use of big belly. Usually big belly’s are called beer belly’s but in this picture it is obvious that this is brandy belly. I think that brandy is a very good drink but it isn’t the cause of this fat belly.

Wash me commercial
Sexy commercial with dirty girl in the shower. This picture is made by Lowe Hunt Sydney. I think very creative but little too sexist.

Woman sitting on Man
Woman sitting in toilet but the toilet is shaped like man. I thin women who see this picture will tell that this is wrong and disgusting but I think this man’s or woman’s toilet is very funny!

Romeo and Juliet fail
Romeo and Juliet fails with sea mow.

Sexy woman’s shadow
Very funny picture of woman’s shadow with bra and mini skirt. The woman in standing in front of the sun and the bra and skirt is on the grass.

Rocket cat
Funny picture of cat flying in the air like a rocket. I think this is a photoshop job and in cat’s place there must be a real rocket. Anyway this picture is funny and looks real what is the point of the author.

Drunk babies
Babies drinking beer, smoking and laughing. These pictures are fake of course but when I firs saw them I laughed for several seconds. Babies are sweet when they are doing something that usually are doing adults.

Interesting double face
Funny picture of man with two faces. On this man’s hed is his second face witch is cuted in his hair. when I first saw this picture then i think that it it his actual face but then I saw that eyes are not real. But anyway this picture is funny and gives me a laughter and I thin will like it too.

Funny advert
Here is a very interesting and funny picture of advert poster. It says “There are better ways to make career” and on it is some naked guys butt with a big hole in the middle. You need a big imagination to think of this king of advert and you need even more guts to put it out, but it is working and it looks very creative.

Man’s toilet with sexy woman pictures
Look at this cool men toilet where are these good looking women images on the wall. It is very funny! I think I won’t be satisfied with this toilet.


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